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The Manuscripts and Rare Books Collection

The Society for Irish Latin American Studies announces the creation of its Manuscripts and Rare Books Collection. Eighty-five years ago, historian Thomas Murray called for the collection of ‘historical material that lies about in old family archives, and half forgotten official records, as well in old pamphlets and periodicals which have not found their way into the public libraries, but still exist in out-of-the-way places’ (The Story of the Irish in Argentina, 1919). By donating or depositing with SILAS’s Manuscripts and Rare Books Collection you can contribute to the preservation of Irish heritage and aid historical research on relations between Ireland and Latin America.


Liverpool, April 15th, 1844.

Dear Father and ever affectionate Mother,

I am happy to make known to you that our fortunes have not turned out as we expected but have made a greater progress to our happiness that we expected.

(Anastasia Joyce Papers)

SILAS has signed a twenty-five years repository contract with the Max von Buch Library of Universidad de San Andrés (Buenos Aires). This library provides optimal security and technical conditions for documents and rare books belonging to SILAS, its Members and friends. The library staff is trained to preserve records using the latest available technology. Furthermore, the Max von Buch Library has been collecting a number of invaluable holdings of the British and Irish communities in Argentina, including among others the most complete collection of the Standard newspaper in existence in a public library (1861-1959), the Cecilia Grierson Papers (1859-1934), and the records of ‘The Strangers Club’ of Buenos Aires (1841-1981). To this, SILAS added the Anastasia Joyce Papers (1844-1881) donated by Mary Anglim, including the letters to Martin Murphy of Co. Wexford.

Now you can donate or lend on deposit your family letters, photographs, diaries and other documents related to the Irish in Latin America, thus contributing to the preservation of our heritage and traditions.

Jack Murphy (Anastasia Joyce Papers)
The Manuscripts and Rare Books Collection aims to:

  • Collect and preserve all kinds of archival material relevant to the history of the Irish in Latin America. Records are accepted in most formats, provided that proper equipment exists for research use. Records may include, for example, manuscript and printed material, family papers, maps and plans, photographs, films and sound recordings.
  • Provide adequate and appropriate conditions for the storage, security and preservation of archival materials.
  • Arrange and describe the records according to archival principles and make them available to bona fide researchers, unless access is restricted by institutional or legal requirements or by written agreements with donors and depositors.
  • Facilitate research on the history of the Irish in Latin America through the provision of a reference service and appropriate facilities for the consultation of archives.
  • Promote awareness and use of the Manuscripts and Rare Books Collection.
  • Materials are normally acquired in the following ways:
  • Donation of materials. This may be offered to the SILAS, or actively solicited by the Society.
  • Deposit on loan. Donations are preferred to deposits on loan but loans may be accepted subject to the conditions of accession listed below.

Conditions of accession:

  • Donations accepted become the exclusive and absolute property of the SILAS.
  • Donations and deposits on loan will only be accepted if covered by a contractual agreement between the SILAS and the donor or depositor.
  • Records will be available for public reference immediately or as soon as is practicable (subject to any written restrictions agreed between the donor or depositor and the SILAS)
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