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Past issues of the journal Irish Migration Studies in Latin America are available to members of the Society for Irish Studies of Latin America. Download PDF copies of any of the previous issues below.

The previous issue’s theme is “History, Image, Art”



Click here to download the title pages.  Click here to download the entire issue, Vol. 9 No. 3
For individual articles from the current issue, choose from the authors listed below:

Carol Dell’Amico, Guest Editor’s Introduction

Nuala Finnegan, “Entre Mundos/Between Worlds: Images of Life between Mexico and Ireland

Giselle González García, “Irish Hunger Strikers Monument in Havana, Cuba: Public 15 and Private Commemorations

Tina Lawlor Mottram, “‘The Salmon of Knowledge’ shared with children in Zona Imaginaria, San Fernando, Argentina

Lourdes Márquez Carmona, “Irlandeses en la Carrera de Indias: Aproximación a la Presencia de la Colonia Mercantil de Cádiz (España) en el Siglo XVIII en Xalapa (México), a través de los Protocolos Notariales”. “The Irish in Pursuit of the Indias Trade: A Look at the Presence of the Irish Merchant Colony of Cadiz (Spain) in Xalapa (Mexico) during the XVIII Century, through Notarial Records

Edmundo Murray, “Art, Sound, Nature: A Conversation with Irish-Colombian Musician Katie James

Edmundo Murray, “The Diplomacy of Art: Irish, Spanish and Latin American Artwork in a Historic Building of Geneva

Edward Walsh, “Journalist, Medical Doctor and Newspaper Editor-Proprietor in Bust-Up

Book Reviews

Imilcy Balboa Navarro, Reseña de Irlanda y Cuba. Historias entretejidas, Margaret Brehony y Nuala Finnegan, Coords. y Ed.

Dermot Keogh, Review of Barry Whelan’s Ireland’s Revolutionary Diplomat: A Biography of Leopold Kerney.

Gabriela McEvoy, Review of Harry Dunleavy’s Irish Immigration to Latin America.

Maria Medina, Review of Juan José Delaney’s What, Che?: Integration, Adaptation and Assimilation of the Irish-Argentine Community through its Language and Literature.

Edmundo Murray, Review of Dermot Keogh’s La independencia de Irlanda: la conexión argentina.


Volume 9, Number 2 (August 2019)
Volume 9, Number 1 (January 2018)

Volume 8, Number 4 (March 2015)
Volume 8, Number 3 (July 2014)
Volume 8, Number 2 (March 2013)
Volume 8, Number 1 (August 2012)

Volume 7, Number 4 (November 2011)
Volume 7, Number 3 (March 2010)
Volume 7, Number 2 (July 2009)
Volume 7, Number 1 (March 2009)

Volume 6, Number 3 (November 2008)
Volume 6, Number 2 (July 2008)
Volume 6, Number 1 (March 2008)

Volume 5, Number 3 (November 2007)
Volume 5, Number 2 (July 2007)
Volume 5, Number 1 (March 2007)

Volume 4, Number 4 (October 2006)
Volume 4, Number 3 (July 2006)
Volume 4, Number 2 (March 2006)
Volume 4, Number 1 (January-February 2006)

Volume 3, Number 6 (November-December 2005)
Volume 3, Number 5 (September-October 2005)
Volume 3, Number 4 (July-August 2005)
Volume 3, Number 3 (May-June 2005)
Volume 3, Number 2 (March-April 2005)
Volume 3, Number 1 (January-February 2005)

Volume 2, Number 5 (November-December 2004)
Volume 2, Number 4 (September-October 2004)
Volume 2, Number 3 (July-August 2004)
Volume 2, Number 2 (May-June 2004)
Volume 2, Number 1 (March-April 2004)

Volume 1, Number 2 (December 2003)
Volume 1, Number 1 (April 2003)

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